Summer Academy: An Intellectual Adventure

The St. John’s College Summer Academy offers rising high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to experience the distinctive community of St. John’s College through an immersive, weeklong course of study based upon a specific intellectual theme. Students will delve into a diverse collection of primary texts and engage in stimulating discussions chosen to highlight questions central to the human mind and spirit. With exciting classroom activities and numerous off-campus group excursions, the Summer Academy program also provides fun opportunities to build friendships with like-minded peers both in and out of the classroom.

Summer Academy seminars are led by St. John’s College faculty and modeled after the college’s Socratic-method of teaching. Participants are encouraged to think for themselves, to express their opinions, to listen to and critique the opinions of others, and develop an intellectual confidence in their own abilities to think critically, to understand ideas which may differ from their own, to discuss openly what they understand and don’t understand, and to take an active role in their own education.

Summer Academy participants often report that the experience showed them that working through some of the foundational works of Western civilization is challenging, rewarding and intensely personal. They find that as they develop their own thoughts and opinions and consider the thoughts and opinions of others they come to understand themselves. In only a week’s time, students’ minds are sharpened and their views on education and life are transformed.

The 2015 Summer Academy sessions will be held on the following dates.

Santa Fe, NM
June 21-27: Origins and Order
June 28-July 4: Courage and the Soul
July 5-11: Art and Nature

Annapolis, MD
July 12-18: Justice, Nature, and Law
July 19-25: Hidden Powers

Each weeklong session of the Summer Academy at St. John’s College costs $990. This includes tuition, room and board, books, activity fees, and in most cases, transportation to and from local airports. Students may participate in multiple sessions if they wish, and financial aid may be available.

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