St. John’s College
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Student Life ~ Annapolis
The 36-acre campus is in the heart of Annapolis, Maryland, and within walking distance of social, cultural and historic locations.
The Academic Experience
At the heart of St. John’s College is a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary curriculum focused on foundational works of Western civilization.
Student Life ~ Santa Fe
The 250-acre campus in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offers both spectacular scenery and the cultural attractions of the Southwest.
Student Blogs & Video
Through our blogs and videos, you can learn all about St. John’s directly from students.
The Application Process
We are looking for students who are intellectually curious and want to learn more than pure subject matter.
Scholarships & Financial Aid
St. John’s is committed to administering a financial aid program that rewards merit and recognizes financial need.
Visit Opportunities
There is no better way to determine if St. John’s is the right college for you than to visit campus.
Meet some of our teachers.
Plato and his student, Aristotle, are featured prominently in this famous 16th century fresco. Learn more about the painting, the contributions of Plato and Aristotle to Western thought, and the many other figures depicted in Raphael’s School of Athens.
First Year
The first-year curriculum lays the foundation for each subsequent year. Students study language, mathematics, science, philosophy and music. They learn how to learn.
Third Year
In the third year students are stretched by many works of the Renaissance and modern writers. Students will often spend this year of study on another campus.
Second Year
The second year builds upon the first and culminates in "sophomore enabling," a process that evaluates the student’s synthesis of the first two years.
Fourth Year
The fourth year introduces the concept of relativity, important Supreme Court decisions, and stretches students to assimilate their work from prior years.
A St. John's education sharpens the mind and defines the person.
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